27 Fabulous Girls Bedroom Ideas to Realize Their Dreamy Space

Teen Girl’s Bedroom Ideas – Beyond a room to sleep, teen girls define a bedroom as a place where they can express their feelings, thoughts, and hobbies. When parents were going find some girls bedroom ideas, you must remember to choose based on what kind of decoration that your girls love.

There are countless bedroom ideas to opt for, consider your teens’ perspective to design their favorite bedroom. In fact, a bedroom reflects their personality. All ideas can be tied together to create a comfy bedroom.

Teen girls are conscious of up-to-date styles yet still love toys. They look for a room with mature design but still insist on bringing their beloved pieces of childhood. The bedroom should be specific to the age.

Start decorating a new grown-up bedroom will be great although it is possible to do a makeover for the existing toddler’s bedroom. Browse these following girls bedroom ideas to create a great energy and enthusiastic bedroom.

1. Minimalist Girls Bedroom Ideas

Minimalist Girls Bedroom Ideas - Harppost.com

A minimalist design offers a serene personal space. Girls need multi-purpose bedroom rather than fully-furnish. Therefore, decorating small bedroom ideas will match this design. Minimalist bedroom is the best choice to give a free space for girls to spread out with friends.

Without having too much furniture, the bedroom still has its main functions and storage organizations. A single bed with pillows and blanket is comfy enough to sleep.

Wall-mounted shelves will keep the collectibles tidy. Framed quotes on the wall shelf evoke youthful spirit. Flowerpots, window treatment, and wall hanging pom-poms bring the gray bedroom to life.

2. Girls Bedroom Ideas with Decorative Lighting

Girls Bedroom Ideas with Decorative Lighting - Harppost.com

Lace and flower motifs are the standard styles of lighting that suit the girls’ bedroom. Thinking out of the box, various fixtures styles, and types are available for the girls’ taste. To create a romantic ambience in the bedroom, choose decorative string lights.

Choose clear and small lights to be installed in the girls’ bedroom. The fairy string lights look prettier when combined with pink round-shaped pendant lamps. Those give playful and magical effects at night. Drape the string lights on the wall and hang them above the bed.

3. Clean Design for Girls Bedroom Ideas

Clean Design for Girls Bedroom Ideas - Harppost.com

Clean design is suitable for girls who need a restful room. This is a stress-free design that help them to sleep easier. White linens with tufted bedspread and knitted quilt provide a great night’s sleep.

Bold accents such as photo frames, flowerpots, and round hanging mirror give contrast to the light gray wall. The pendant lamp with sheer fabric and white bedding looks harmonious. However, clean design often raises controversy. Just make your own decision.


  • The room looks visually bigger.
  • White gives purity and peace to our mind.


  • Clean design looks monotonous.
  • White surface is easier to stains.

4. Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas

Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas - Harppost.com

Teen girls have their own perspective view about bedroom design and its furnishings. Transforming the girls’ bedroom with a vintage furniture seems adorable. The ruffled bedding is paired with a gray striped bedspread. A pink pillow and sheet in bold shades contrast to all-white furniture.

Clean window above the bed matches the custom-made headboard. The antique table lamp and frame encourage vintage vibe in teen’s bedroom. The white dresser keeps the stuff neat, so you can put an open shelf to showcase the obsolete collectibles.

5. Unique Design for Girls Bedroom Ideas

Unique Design for Girls Bedroom Ideas - Harppost.com

Blue color doesn’t always belong to boys’ bedroom. This cool hue may also suits with the girls’ color room. A soft blue blanket and pillows look more girly with dotted pattern. A square shaped area rug, a dustbin, and a bookshelf on the desk offer a harmonic visual appeal.

Girls have their own unique styles by adding a treasure box as storage organization. They also know how to boost their spirit through the motivational posters. Monogrammed wall becomes a focal space with uplifting message. A feminine touch comes from the hanging chandelier.

6. Doing Makeover for Girls Bedroom Ideas

Doing Makeover for Girls Bedroom Ideas - Harppost.com

7. Girls Bedroom Ideas in Pastels

Girls Bedroom Ideas in Pastels - Harppost.com

Pastel color scheme becomes a popular hue in a girl bedroom. It can be perfectly combined with bold colors and vibrant accent details. Including playful pattern mixtures that is also possible. A solid pastel color that paired with dotted, flowery, and striped patterns will create an eye-catching look.

Decorative pillows with dotted and flowery patterns nicely fit in the soft pink quilt. Black and white bedspread, dresser, table lamp, and chair create a cohesive look. Then, you can feel a vibrant vibe from hot pink laptop and flowers on the desk.

8. Cool Design for Girls Bedroom Ideas

Cool Design for Girls Bedroom Ideas - Harppost.com

A touch of blue in girls’ bedroom creates a cool atmosphere. When blue meets gray, there will be an adorable combination of color scheme room. Covering the entire room in blue paint and decorating with blue furniture never goes wrong. Some different patterns can be included to avoid monotonous.

The wall is fully painted in soft blue and the furnishings are all-white. Those offer a clear view when you start entering the bedroom. Monochromatic and striped patterns are perfect for the decorative pillows. The gold lamp on the bedside table looks so catchy.

9. Elegant Girls Bedroom Ideas

Elegant Girls Bedroom Ideas - Harppost.com

Teenagers appreciate simple but elegant concept. Teenage girl bedroom design should be different from kids bedroom ideas. Here are some consideration on how to design teen bedroom:

  • Plan for a versatile room.
  • Go for white scheme.
  • Maximize the organizers.
  • Divert to a feature wall.

Create your own elegant bedroom by sticking with a palette of two colors like white and gray. Gray bedding and flooring provide bold shades which contrast to the light shade of white wall. Wooden desk with flowerpot gives an enjoyable study time. The wall shelf is above the desk to keep the stationery.

10. Playful Girls Bedroom Ideas

Playful Girls Bedroom Ideas - Harppost.com

11. Teen Girls Bedroom Color Ideas

Teen Girls Bedroom Color Ideas - Harppost.com

Painting the wall is very important to create a new fresh look to the entire bedroom. Essential things to know before you start painting are:

  • Try some different colors.
  • Observe the paint color.
  • Empty out the room.
  • Beware of the paint finishes.
  • Remember to brush before rolling.

Gray color dominates the painting and furnishings in this modern bedroom. White bed with unique custom-built headboard has light gray pillows and blanket. Try to paint one side of the wall into bold colors and the other three walls with light shades. Avoid painting the entire wall into a dark color.

12. Girls Bedroom Ideas with Storage Solutions

Girls Bedroom Ideas with Storage Solutions - Harppost.com

Every room needs organizers, including the girls’ bedroom. Your teens have plenty of stuff to be kept neatly so storage organization can be a major point in a bedroom. Let them create their own organizers based on their interest. Repurposing the existing bookshelves will save your budget instead of purchasing new organizers.

Flank both sides of the bed with two bookshelves. The bookshelves and the upholstered headboard will function as built-in shelves. The shelves showcase your collectibles, knickknacks, and other small stuff. It is also possible to put your photo frames on the headboard.

13. Girls Bedroom Ideas with Fancy Accents

Girls Bedroom Ideas with Fancy Accents - Harppost.com

14. Girls Bedroom Ideas with Bohemian Style

Girls Bedroom Ideas with Bohemian Style - Harppost.com

Girls look for a bedroom that is full of life, unusual, and interesting stuff. The Bohemian style perfectly expresses what they want. Importantly, the bedroom design represents their personality.

Quote: “The most important thing to remember is that teen girls bedroom ideas should be an expression of who they are.”

When it comes to Bohemian, having no rules and feeling free to mix are common. Gray as the base room color is combined with an iron bed and metallic alarm clock. Knitted ottoman on the striped mats gives a unique look. Brass desk with transparent chair evokes a strong Boho vibe.

15. Best Girls Bedroom Ideas

Best Girls Bedroom Ideas - Harppost.com

16. Girls Bedroom Ideas with Built-In Cabinets

Girls Bedroom Ideas with Built-In Cabinets - Harppost.com

There are some reasons why built-in cabinets should be included in girls’ bedroom, such as:

  • Built-in cabinets provide plenty of storage.
  • Built-ins can be integrated into lighting easily.
  • They perfectly blend into the room decor.

This cabinet with open shelves offers space to showcase books, collectibles, and photo frames. It has an attractive look. Its design is inspired by pottery barn which fits the girls’ bedroom design.

Barn door backsplash behind the bed matches the wooden arrows on the wall. Gold gives a vibrant color to all-white room decor. A gold pendant lamp, frames, and trinkets enhance a cohesive look.

17. Customize Girls Bedroom Ideas with Their Names

Customize Girls Bedroom Ideas with Their Names - Harppost.com

Cheer up your girls with a personalized name by decorating their bedroom with monogram wall decals. Let them know that the bedroom is a space to call their own. This wall art will not damage the wall, so it is easy to remove and displace as needed.

The great place to put the name is on the wall behind the bed. Gold monogrammed wall spelled L-A-U-R-E-N looks glam and elegant. The gold color fits well to gray and white striped wall. That bold detail contrasts to black and white linens on the bed.

18. Fantasy-Themed Girls Bedroom Ideas

Fantasy-Themed Girls Bedroom Ideas - Harppost.com

19. Spacious Girls Bedroom Ideas

Spacious Girls Bedroom Ideas - Harppost.com

Planning to decorate master bedroom ideas for older girls is by choosing pretty feminine furnishing. The spacious bedroom will have extra free space that can function as a hangout spot, instead of playtime area with toys like little girls bedroom.

Most teen girls are getting bored of the solid color, right? That’s why they create some hand arts on the wall. Gray dotted hand painting is paired with a gold monogram. The bold patterns fit the soft pink bedside tables between both sides of the bed. Decorative pillows and pink quilt create a cohesive look on the white bedding.

20. Pretty in Pink Concept for Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas

Pretty in Pink Concept for Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas - Harppost.com

Pastel pink color combination offers a wide selection of shades that match teenage the girls’ bedroom. A vintage feel from gold hanging lamps pairs well with chic patterned pillows and framed geometric patterns on the wall.

White cabinet with shelves is in tune with the white bedding to give light shade in the bedroom. Two shades of pink blankets look as pretty as the pink wall against the bed. The white wall behind the bed is covered with soft beige wooden sheet. It is also customized by gold monogram.

21. Girls Bedroom Ideas with Vintage Loft Bed

Girls Bedroom Ideas with Vintage Loft Bed - Harppost.com

22. Beautiful Decorating Concepts for Girls Bedroom Ideas

Beautiful Decorating Concepts for Girls Bedroom Ideas - Harppost.com

Black, white, and gray are age-neutral color schemes to be applied in girls bedroom design. They create a beautiful decorating concept when the shades are combined well. White as the base room color doesn’t dominate the whole room. One side of the walls are painted in black to give a bold shade.

The elegant lighting design has a Scandinavian feel. Eos hanging lamp is made from natural goose feathers. It gives a beautiful soft light and natural shade. Its function is not only for lighting but also decorating the ceiling with an attractive look.

23. A DIY Workstation for Girls Bedroom Ideas

A DIY Workstation for Girls Bedroom Ideas - Harppost.com

A workstation is a prominent space in the girls’ bedroom. Customize a study area which is pretty and functional. Add some clipboards to display the school assignment and art worksheets.

Keep the desk clean to ease your girls do the work. Add DIY organizers to store all school supplies. Have a look at the instructions below.


  • Glass mason jars
  • Wood plank
  • Clamps
  • Screws


  • Attach some glass jars on a wood plank.
  • Use clamps and screws to fasten the jars.
  • Mount the jar organizer on the wall.
  • Put pencil colors, markers, paint brushes, and others in the jars.

24. Whimsy Furniture for Girls Bedroom Ideas

Whimsy Furniture for Girls Bedroom Ideas - Harppost.com

25. Girls Bedroom Ideas for Kids

Girls Bedroom Ideas for Kids - Harppost.com

Cute and funny wall decor will fit kids’ bedroom ideas, especially little girls. Wooden furniture, animal-themed concept, and the soft pink color scheme will create a perfect combination to give a whimsy touch. The entire wall is painted in soft pink. This pink wall accords with all white furnishings.

Gold polka dots create a cute pattern to the wall match the gray dotted rug on the floor. Wooden shelves are mounted on the wall to showcase stuffed animals and other knickknacks. Animal printed baskets function as storage to keep toys. Put them under the desk to keep the room tidy.

26. Closet Organizers for Girls Bedroom Ideas

Closet Organizers for Girls Bedroom Ideas - Harppost.com

Little girls have lots of stuff and clothes to be organized. Since they cannot tidy up the bedroom yet, providing a closet organizer will avoid the mess. Choose a built-in closet with plenty of shelves to thrift space. Use boxes and baskets to keep small stuff without being cluttered.

Divide the shelves where to hang the clothes and keep the shoes or other accessories. Use the lower shelves to store toys and books so your kids can reach them easily. Keep the shoes or accessories in the middle shelves and hang the clothes on the top shelves.

27. Wall Decor for Girls Bedroom Ideas

Wall Decor for Girls Bedroom Ideas - Harppost.com

There are still lots of girls bedroom ideas out there. Just make sure, your girls love the style you have chooses for them.

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